a small architects’ business with big skills

We have years of experience covering all the stages of the building and construction cycle. We offer our services to companies, municipal sectors and private clients.

The company personal are:

Agneta Niklason, Architect SAR/MSA

(Member of the Swedish Architects Society)

Mårten Lannås, Building engineer SBR

(Swedish Construction Engineers national association)

Maria Båggagård, Building engineer SBR

Ida Cahling, Building engineer SBR

Christer Josefsson, Land contractor

Our areas of expertise complement one another. We always work with the client’s best interest in mind.

In May, 2021, we expanded our staff with the hiring of Ida Cahling, building engineer.

Maria Båggagård is on parental leave with her third child from June 2021 to August-September 2022.

Please contact us for your Construction Project – large or small!


Arkreativa AB

Tingsgatan 13, 2nd floor

827 33 Ljusdal

Phone: 0651-103 80