About us

We who work at Arkreativa

Agneta Niklason, Architect SAR/MSA

Educated at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Architecture 1980 – 85.

Agneta takes traditional architectural assignments, including investigations, programs and scetches. She has many years of experience in interior design with private and public spaces, as well as exterior and interior colour schemes.

In addition to this Agneta works with town plans and programs within the municipal planning frameworks.

Agneta has been running her own business since 2005. During her career, she has worked as Town Architect in Arboga Municipality and worked for CAO Arkitekter in Ljusdal as well as FFNS/SWECO in Östersund and Stockholm.

Agneta writes and speaks English as a second language.

Office space with drawing table
Open door to office

Mårten Lannås, Quantity surveyor SBR

Mårten has more than 30 years experience of working mainly with buildning and construction planning. This includes working for CAO Architects in Ljusdal until 2011.

Drawings are set up in 3D with Autodesk Revit Architecture, alternatively in 2D with  AutoCAD Architecture.

Mårten also establishes Fire Documentations and evacuation plans. He is certified as Control Manager according to the PBL (Swedish buildning legislation), level K, and Construction Safety Coordinator for planning – base P.

Christer Josefsson, Construction engineer

Christer has worked with contracting for more than 40 years and is experienced in most types of groundworks as project manager as well as performer.

Christer works with land- and construction projects, calculations and cost estimates for all kinds of building projects.

Rolled upp blueprints.