Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects at Arkreativa:

Främby Udde, Falun

  • Främby Udde Strandby AB
  • New establishment of holiday homes etc
  • Building permits, projecting

Fire prevention plans

Private housing: construction, remodelling, extensions

  • Scetches and building permits for permanent and holiday homes in Ljusdal/Järvsö
  • Control manager according to the PBL (KA)

Town planning

  • Dpl Kilarne, Kilafors Mansion
  • Dpl Bro – High rise in central Bollnäs
  • Dpl Växsjö – Housing area in Lottefors
  • Dpl Vik – Building plots close to water
  • Dpl Backa – Building plots in LIS-area Vallsta